Plugin BYOB Thesis – Thesis Custom themes is no longer a problem

Thesis is a popular theme framework with the advantage of being lightweight, flexible and supports a maximum SEO. But because this is basically a framework so bad when it’s installed on, and if you want to look better, then forced us to customize individual. Now if anyone wants to do his Thesis theme becomes more gorgeous then forced the child to use pre-designed themes, including free and paid. But what it also has a price, but free is pretty bad then required to pay, as is typical child theme Marketers Delight 2 $ 67 worth of Kolakube.

But of course not everyone has the condition that their investment is a grandiose themes like that. At this point, the only solution that we can do that is self-customized Thesis theme and redesigned in the style of their own. You can see a lot of custom instructions Thesis can read online or at home guide DIYthemes.

But if you do not have the design skills or design do not even know, why? Of course if you do not know, how can design custom themes for their own being. But fortunately now have a tool to help you customize Thesis themes with drag and drop and customize settings such as color, size, intuitive control panel by using the plugin called BYOB Thesis Plugin.
Plugin BYOB Thesis Introduction

BYOB Thesis Plugin is a plugin (the plugin set many) that allows you to customize the themes converge Thesis a simple way through the use of its own control panel, you will not need to work with hooks confusing or more filters that only the installation and setup through the options available.

The plugin includes:

BYOB Thesis WP Menu

Chỉnh sửa menu của Thesis bằng control panel

When you install this plugin, the default menu of Thesis will be replaced by the other menu but with similar structure. The goal is to make you can easily add, edit menu in the control panel immediately. It also includes color correction feature, the menu font.

BYOB Thesis Widget Style

Tùy chỉnh style cho widget

Maybe you’ve heard of the use of different types of widgets on the blog using Thesis now? It’s like widget A white background with red title, also titled widget B is white a blue background. This plugin will allow you to do that very simple and intuitive by allowing you to create many different widget styles, each style you have custom colors, sizes, fonts, more shader effects, borders of all kinds. Then you will be applying this style by selecting the Appearance ⇨ Style Widget.

Chọn style cho widget

BYOB Thesis Sub Sidebars

Tùy chọn sidebar thêm

You want to use multiple sidebars than 3 sidebar box support of Thesis? Just install this plug-in and you could be using up to 16 sidebars different blogs. At this spatial index blog you do not fully contain the sidebar there. The optional sidebar includes custom display position, hide sidebar in the article or home page and set up display sidebars for members to login.

BYOB Thesis Shortcode Content

Support insert the text box into the cage post to post more beautiful and professional. However, it has so many different options and you can make headaches when exposed to it first.

BYOB Thesis Nav Menu

Thesis default only supports 1 menu only. So if you want to use 2 different menus  must intervene on their hooks and create a new function, or use this plugin.

Tạo menu thứ 2 cho Thesis

Mobile Content Switcher

Self-created content specifically for mobile browsers, and who only use mobile devices to access the website, then see this content.

Header Widget

Plugin allows to create widgets and insert it on the themes header. However, it can only widget on the left or right side header can not cover the entire width of the themes are

Header Horizontal Layout

Widget trải dài trên header

If the above is the only plugin allows insert widget on the left or right side header then this plugin will allow you to insert the header widget stretched, well suited to the type of insert banner.

Full Width Background

You are struggling do not know how to customize the background for Thesis theme so effectively and accurately? Try using this plugin you can view and edit the whole page background or background in application areas such as # header_are, # content_area, # footer_area.

Footer Widget

Just as you activate widgets in the footer 3 columns right of the Thesis, it also allows you to customize the color for each column.

Tùy chỉnh footer widget

BYOB Thesis Featured Box

Featured Box Optimization by Thesis Framework for insertion slideshow slide show and set it as color, margin, padding helps featured box look more professional.

Download BYOB Thesis Plugin

To get the plugin, you must be a member of custom class BYOB Thesis Themes Websites at a cost of $ 89 per month. But if you are not a member of them, then it does not matter, just enter the email form below, you will have it all.


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  1. I love Thesis but this article should really have been proof read before publishing it. Thesis is a great theme but have no idea after reading this article if this plug in helps or hurts.

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